A Month of Love with Love Notes

Gifti has recently added Love Notes - A Month of Love to our range. We all had a few tears in our eyes reading through the list of Love Notes. They are beautiful. This is one of those Gifts - that will really mean a lot to someone special, and so we wanted to do a special blog featuring this.

  • "You are loved"
  • "You make me happy"
  • "Your arms feel more like home than any house ever did"
  • "7 Billion smiles and yours is my favourite"
  • "I'm yours - No returns"

These are just a small part of the Love Notes contained within a beautifully presented Love Source Box.

It contains 31 Cards - one for each day - and a declaration of love for someone special. You can give them the complete package as a gift or give them a card each day, as your special way of telling them "I Love You"

At Gifti we are really focused on genuine gifts of love, so we simply adore this gift. It would be perfect for a Wife or Husband, and would also make an ideal gift for a Birthday or Christmas.

Maybe flowers, a romantic dinner and Love Notes for Valentines Day. These Love Notes are sure to touch someones heart.

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